Strategic Financial Advisor

Access to the expertise of specialist executives

At Bench, we fully understand your need for the right people with the relevant skills to ensure your organization grows and realizes your business objectives. To help you, we can step in and offer you a package of strategic financial advisor services. We have expertise in areas such as strategic planning and budgeting, business planning and modeling, financial internal controls, financial and management reporting.

We can also assist you in presenting your business to banks, investors and stakeholders. We can improve your software systems to enable quick access to key information to support important business decisions. You might be faced with operational challenges such as the next phase of your business’ growth, liquidity issues or a disposal or acquisition, we can advise you on the structure and any financial implications of transactions and bring a fresh perspective to your business.

By continuously analyzing your business processes, we will ensure that they are aligned with your long term goals. We will also monitor and report any external factors that may affect your business operations. Our experts will provide insightful market research to help you take advantage of any opportunities, and also ways to avert and mitigate risks.


  • Our approach will enable smooth and seamless transitions to reduce the risk of any potential losses due to an inadequate handover.
  • Access to specialist expertise without the overheads associated with senior executives.
  • Ongoing support and training during assignments.

This is invaluable to SMEs and particularly useful for companies with limited resources, for project based work or the continuity of normal business operations during times of personnel changeover, long term absence or a crisis.