Family Office and Businesses

We can advise you in the planning of solutions for financial and other assets

"The most effective approach for a family of significant wealth to preserve and enhance its wealth through the generations is by the creation of a properly functioning family office." – Jonathan Carroll, President and CEO at Family Office Metrics LLC, New York.

Bench advisory strives to support the financial needs and to provide all the essential services for building and preserving the family wealth of a specific family group.

As an independent and private advisor Bench can also provide unique advantages such as acting as ‘chief advisor’ to the family and providing personalized services, technical expertise, creative business leadership and day-to-day management for success.

The benefits of our family office package are many – it provides a personalized focus and control over family finances, a formal communication process, customized solutions, cost control and economies of scale, opportunities for each generation, privacy & confidentiality while at the same time strengthening family mission and legacy.

Keeping the above benefits in mind, Bench adopts various approaches to bring about those benefits and employs several, calculated methods such as:

  • Planning and preparation.
  • Investment policy and asset allocation.
  • Portfolio strategy and manager selection.
  • Investment performance monitoring.
  • Portfolio accounting.
  • Bookkeeping and bill payment.
  • Financial reporting
  • Cash flow management.
  • Personal finance management.
  • Data and document management.